Comcast Spotlight-Baltimore

Comcast Spotlight-Baltimore

100 West Road – Suite 100
Towson, Md 21204
Contact: Chris Cook, Local Sales Manager

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Comcast Spotlight is the source for cable and interactive advertising in the Baltimore DMA. Comcast Spotlight, a division of Comcast, is proud to represent over 99% of all cable households in the market including those served by other providers.

Who We Are

Big or small…in Baltimore, Comcast Spotlight covers it all! Comcast Spotlight is the source for cable advertising in the 27th largest DMA. Baltimore is home to 1,108,360 TV households in the market, total wired cable penetration for the market is 99.8% and Comcast Spotlight puts you in touch with 820,940 households.

What We Do

Advertising opportunities are available on more than 40 networks. Cable advertising is cost-effective, providing marketing solutions to local, regional and national businesses alike. Only cable offers the ability to geographically, demographically and psychographically target your messages on television. Cable gives you the flexibility of sending different messages to different communities throughout the Baltimore DMA.

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